Richmond Road images

Richmond Road, Field House, garden entrance, 1980s, cr Lawrence Wright

Richmond Road, Field House garden doorway, 1980s, cr MCG Collection

3 Richmond Road, stone ogee arch, 1980s, cr Lawrence Wright

4-22 Richmond Road, garages rear York Road, 26 May 2001, cr MCG Collection

5+7+9 Richmond Road , demolished, 1986, cr Lawrence Wright

67-69 Richmond Road, bomb damage 1941, cr MCG Collection

69-71 Richmond Road, bomb damage - raid 16 mar 1941, cr MCG Collection

69-71 Richmond Road, Daily Sketch House of the Year 1963, 1980s, cr MCG Collection

84 Richmond Road, Montpelier House, entrance gates, 1990s, cr Lawrence Wright

113 Richmond Road, tented canopy over door, 1980s, cr Lawrence Wright